Naggura’n cares for every single detail to integrate all the technical solutions in the table design. The maximum priority: developing a technical, functional and comfortable product for the physiotherapist while providing extra comfort to patients.

Ergonomic arm supports which ensure best position of the patient when lying in prone position. Patented operation system fully articulated by gaslift and lever. The supports can be lowered and lifted by the patient himself in a very smooth way, without preset positions. The mechanism does not collide against the therapist when sit on the headrest area with a stool.
High-end Spradling © upholstery made of vinyl coated fabric that offers optimum quality, resistance and durability in the healthcare environments.


N’RUN is our first creation. A premium line of physiotherapy and osteopathy tables developed to make the professional’s work easier and to offer the best comfort to patients.



N’GO is our smart line of treatment tables that highlight for their sports look and improved features. They have been designed and built to cope with the intense work rhythm of the physiotherapist.


Main features


NRUN in action!


One-of-a-kind base and full stop!


Twin-lift arm supports


Built-in peripheral footswitch


Multi-position table


NRUN on wheels

Ideal for physiotherapy and ostheopathy

Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

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Naggura with Swop DNA

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Naggura has a 10-year experience in the beauty, physiotherapy, and wellness fields. We firmly believe that to achieve big challenges, we must look at reality with different eyes. Innovation is the clue to improve, to make the whole machinery turn. We change the present to build up a new future.

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Naggura team highlights by its rulebreaker philosophy. Always facing new challenges to keep evolving; to keep on creating technical and genuine treatment tables which break the rules of design and technology. Now, with Swop DNA: colourful, adaptable and smart.
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Why Naggura?

Pioneers of product design

Naggura enters the market with its new generation of treatment tables which stand out for their completely innovating design and technical optimised solutions.

We look at usual things with unusual eyes! Vico Magistretti

We never walk alone!

We develop, innovate, and improve with the advice of physiotherapists and osteopaths of great reputation: our Naggura Ambassadors.

If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together.

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We will guide and assist you prior and during the purchasing process and until you get the order. We know that when the decision has been made, the fact of using the table turns into necessary. That’s why we guarantee the best service at all stages of the purchasing process and until its reception.

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