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It changes colour according to your mood. With interchangeable panels, music and customisable lighting. Once you start dressing it, you'll be addicted to Swop!

Swop Physio

The most revolutionary table ever seen

The new generation of Naggura physiotherapy beds created with the sole purpose of making you happy.
Let’s work happily!
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Swop Spa

Multisensory experience!

Swop Spa is line of an electrical 3-section couch with a one-piece mattress and wooden casing. Available in Starter, Pro and Up versions, with different features and the same naggura' quality.
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Swop Beauty

We take care of inner and outer beauty!

Swop Beauty is a beauty bed whose shape is completely ingenious and unconventional. Thanks to the ultra-firm system, Swop achieves optimum stability, eliminating the typical swinging and rocking movements of other beds in the market. Simply sound and stable! !

A beautiful table for the beauty sector. Compact, multiposture and customizable, with all Swop details. We care for outer beauty too!

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Swop Podo

Comfort and precision at your feet

Swop Podo is a podiatry chair with a clever and unconventional silhouette. Thanks to its ultra-solid system, Swop achieves maximum stability, eliminating any kind of rocking or oscillation that other chairs on the market often have. Absolutely firm and stable! A beautiful chair designed for the podiatry sector. Compact, versatile, and customizable, with all the Swop details.
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Swop Massage

A great all-rounder!

The Swop 2L Massage table is an essential tool in your medical practice or if you are a specialist and work in a clinic. Ideal for medical examination, exploration, recognition or nursing.
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