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Swop 2 Hydro

The first hydraulic naggura’!
Hydraulic 2-section physiotherapy table with a short head section, adjustable in both negative and positive angles. For head and neck manipulation techniques.

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General Specifications plus
Dimensions (length x width): 202 x 68 cm
Height (min. and max.): 48/88 cm
Weight: 95,5 kg
Thickness: 5 cm
Density: 40 kg/m³
Lifting capacity: 200 kg
Operation: Hydraulic lever
Standard equipment plus
Head section with 2 gas springs
2 levers, one in each side of the base, to control height. Press the lever to bring the table up and pull up the lever to bring it down
Breathing hole and plug
Seamless upholstery with round edges
LED light with a recharging power bank. USB Micro feeder cable included
4 wheels 360º
2 OAK pannels included
Paper roll holder included
Options plus
2 wooden tables (39,5 x 60 cm)
2 metal storage cradles for the tables
4 protective corners
Bamboo sound system
Bed cover
Technical sheet plus

Lift your patient

By operating the pedal or control lever, it allows you to raise or lower the table as needed. This system provides smooth and controlled elevation, which can be beneficial for both the patient and the professional. Press to raise it and pull to lower it.

Swop on wheels!

Swop 2 Hydro Pro comes with wheels that can be blocked and unblocked using a lever.

A practice with charisma

LED lights on the base of the table with internal battery and USB-C charging port (approximate capacity of 40 hours). These lights will provide additional illumination to the consultation space and will be a unique and attractive feature for the patients.

Pack School:* Support tables

The Pack School* is designed for schools and includes two wooden tables to use as a surface on top of the table. There is space to easily store them within the structure of the table.

Naggura Skin

High-end Naggura Skin upholstery made of vinyl coated fabric that offers optimum quality, resistance and durability in the healthcare environments.

360° Protection

The Pack School* also includes four high-density foam corner protectors to provide additional protection to the upholstery of the table. These corner protectors are specifically designed to fit the corners of the table and offer effective cushioning against impacts and abrasions.
1.595,00 € or from 398,75 €/month
1.595,00 € or from 398,75 €/month
1.025,00 € or from 256,25 €/month

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