Reinventing treatment tables

When you thought you had reached the summit, you see a new horizon to be discovered. Naggura team keeps on creating and reinventing treatment tables that belong to a different world. It’s time to explore the new Universe of Naggura: our dreams down on earth.

Naggura’ in motion


From different angles
and multiple positions.


TwinLift patented armsupport
Ergonomics and comfort


Interchangeable panels
A brand-new table every day!


We turn the world
upside down...


To wake you up in
a new reality!

Tables from a dream world!

Supernatural treatment tables designed in another planet to be enjoyed in solid ground! Discover the world of N’RUN and N’GO!

A whole new universe to be discovered!

Chameleonic and customisable treatment tables which highlight by their pure lines, amazing shapes, and happy soul. A world of possibilities unfolds before you.

And what do you do for a living?

Medical examination

Spa & Wellness

Beauty & Aesthetics

Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

Why Naggura?

Pioneers of product design

Naggura enters the market with its new generation of treatment tables which stand out for their completely innovating design and technical optimised solutions.

We look at usual things with unusual eyes! Vico Magistretti

We never walk alone!

We develop, innovate, and improve with the advice of physiotherapists and osteopaths of great reputation: our Naggura Ambassadors.

If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together.

Make up your choice now!

We will guide and assist you prior and during the purchasing process and until you get the order. We know that when the decision has been made, the fact of using the table turns into necessary. That’s why we guarantee the best service at all stages of the purchasing process and until its reception.

Your trust is our priority!

Naggura with Swop DNA

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Naggura has a 10-year experience in the beauty, physiotherapy, and wellness fields. We firmly believe that to achieve big challenges, we must look at reality with different eyes. Innovation is the clue to improve, to make the whole machinery turn. We change the present to build up a new future.

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Naggura team highlights by its rulebreaker philosophy. Always facing new challenges to keep evolving; to keep on creating technical and genuine treatment tables which break the rules of design and technology. Now, with Swop DNA: colourful, adaptable and smart.
Work happily!

They trust us!

Christian Fernandez

FIOS Formación

Pablo Llanes

Holystic Centro de Recuperación.

Antonio Arcos

Escuela EMPO

David Ponce

Clínica Osteopática David Ponce



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