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Swop 2L

More UP than ever
Two-section table with premium finishes. Equipped with 1 motor that controls the height of the table thanks to the perimeter control integrated into the base. Integrated heating and upholstery with very elegant seams. With 2 gas pistons in the headrest for treatments with the patient semi-sitting. 4 wheels with 360º rotation and included handrail handle.

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General Specifications plus
1 motor
Dimensions (length x width): 204 x 50 cm
Height (min. and max.): 50/90 cm
Weight: 119 kg
Thickness: 6,5 cm > multiplex wood (1,5 cm) + high density foam (4cm)+ low density top layer (1cm)
Lifting capacity: 200 kg
Operation: Peripheral switch (Space Ball)
Standard equipment plus
Cushion with heating: XL heating elements with 2 temperature levels, auto switch-off and switches on both sides.
Head section with 2 gas springs
Space ball peripheral switch, easy access from all sides of the table
Breathing hole and plug
Cushions with straight edges and finished with saddlestitch.
White LED light in the base
4 wheels 360º
Safety switch with key

Motor with safety clutch
2 OAK pannels included
Paper roll holder included
Options plus
Front interchangeable panels Bamboo sound system
Multicolor LED Light
Bed cover
Technical sheet plus


The backrest size is ideal for examination and basic treatments with patients lying down in supine, prone and semi-sitting positions. It reaches 70º in positive angle.

Space Ball perimeter foot switch

It sounds like fiction, doesn’t it? But it’s real! New foot switch system which provides hands-free, all-round height operation. The one and only. Pull the circles around the table and bring your Swop up and down easily! Get hooked on Naggura circle!

Double density cushions

The double padded cushions combine a high-density foam with a soft upper layer. The perfect table for manipulation techniques. Your comfort zone!

Built-in heating system

The mattress with heating provides gentle warmth to make your patients feel fully relaxed. The best treatment starts with a warm welcoming.

LED lighting

Imagine a consultation where every detail is carefully designed to provide an unforgettable experience. Swop UP features integrated lighting in the base, allowing you to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere that envelops your clients from the moment they walk in.


Hidden 4-wheel system with 360° rotation, allowing the table to move smoothly in any direction, making life easier for professionals. Imagine the freedom of movement this provides in your treatment room: no restrictions or unnecessary effort. It's limitless flexibility, allowing you to adapt your workspace instantly and effortlessly.
1.595,00 € or from 398,75 €/month
1.650,00 € or from 412,50 €/month
2.175,00 € or from 543,75 €/month

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