Terms and conditions

These General Sales Conditions are applicable between Weelko Barcelona S.L. and the Distributor regardless of the final destination of the goods and the Distributor obligations towards its customers.

  Placing the order
* The General Sales Conditions of Weelko Barcelona S.L. become tacitly accepted by the Distributor once an order is placed and the quote is accepted.
* The Distributor is required to submit a written order. Weelko Barcelona S.L. will inform the Distributor about the products availability, the time for delivery and will create the required quote.
* Payment will take place before shipment.
* The promotions will be valid only until the last established day or until end of stock, except for typographical error.

* The prices shown in the price list and webpage do not include the taxes and transport.
* Weelko Barcelona S.L. reserves the right to modify the prices in any moment, committing itself to maintain the established prices in the valid offers, except for typographical error.

  Products delivery and transport
* The goods are sold under the terms EXW Berga (Barcelona). The goods always travel with the minimum compulsory insurance according to the CRM convention (Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road). Optionally and upon request, the purchaser can engage an all risk insurance by adding 0.5% of the total amount of the invoice (transport included). Minimum price of the insurance: 20 €.
* In order to manage any kind of reclamation to Weelko Barcelona S.L. related to transport, either for damage, or non-compliance with the received goods, error or omission of the order, the recipient will have to put it on record on the delivery note of the transport company with the comment “Reservation claim”. If the product or the packing is visibly damaged, write down “Accepted with visible damage” on the delivery note of the transport company and immediately inform Weelko Barcelona S.L. to be able to complain about it to the transport agency during the first 24 hours. In both situations the Distributor counts on 24 hours to inform Weelko Barcelona S.L. to proceed to place the claim. Weelko Barcelona S.L. will not take any responsibility for the damages related to transport after the first 24 hours or if the recipient has not written it down on the delivery note.
* The Distributor will have to detail all the information needed to ensure a good customs clearance of the Products and a good service.
* The delays on the deliveries do not give any right to the Distributor to cancel the order and refuse the goods.
* Weelko Barcelona S.L. reserves itself the possibility of splitting the order into multiple deliveries at no additional cost for the customer.
* Weelko Barcelona S.L. will not accept any return of goods which are not sent in the original package and in perfect condition.

  Return of goods
* After the first 48 hours from the reception of the goods, the Manufacturer will accept the return of the product provided that the Distributor pays for the transport costs.
* In any case, the return must be organised in its original package and accompanied by the related number of delivery note.
* After the revision of the goods in the premises of Berga, Weelko Barcelona S.L. commits itself to issue the credit note if everything is in order.

* Weelko Barcelona, S.L. guarantees the material against manufacture defects during 24 months from the date of purchase. The invoice issued by Weelko Barcelona S.L. will become the guarantee certify to be kept.
* The resolution of incidences that may arise under or out of the guarantee period is under the Distributor responsibility who will count on the Manufacturer’s cooperation in order to solve them. The proceeding depends on the following factors:

    * Distributor with technical service:
  * The Distributor will have to send the Manufacturer a detailed report of the incidence to detect the cause of the dysfunction.
* Once detected, the Distributor has to indicate the necessary piece to the Manufacturer in order to solve the incidence. If the product is under guarantee, the Manufacturer will provide the piece at no cost. The transport costs will be paid by the Distributor or the piece can be included in a Distributor’s order.
* If the Distributor cannot detect the dysfunction, then the piece or product will have to be sent to the Manufacturer to check or repair it. The transport costs will be paid by the
  * Distributor without technical service:
* The Manufacturer offers the possibility of using its technical service in Berga (Barcelona).
* Under the guarantee period, the Manufacturer will provide the pieces and the labour cost without involving any expense for the Distributor. However, the transport costs will have to be paid by the Distributor.
* Out of the guarantee period, the pieces, the labour and the transport costs will be paid by the Distributor.
* In no way whatsoever, the Manufacturer will contact the end customer of the Distributor.
* The defects or damages caused due to a bad use or an inappropriate packing of the product, to negligence, to fortuitous causes or to natural wear of the product remain out of the guarantee terms.
* Returns of material will not be accepted if they have not been previously authorised in writing by Weelko Barcelona S.L.
* Weelko Barcelona S.L. will not accept any return of material which has not been appropriately packed, assembled in other equipment or facilities or subject to disassemblies outside Weelko Barcelona S.L. premises. So as to proceed to return any material, the product and its packing must be in perfect condition including all the documents accompanying the product as well as its accessories.
* The amending or replacement of a faulty product does not change the guarantee of the whole unit. The new piece will have a 24-month guarantee period from the amending or replacement date.
* The Manufacturer does not guarantee the cleansing of stains made by chemist or acid products.
* The NAGGURA products are subjected to a traceability system that allows knowing the origin of all the components and the information related to the manufacture.
* Weelko Barcelona S.L will not take any responsibility on any upholstery made by the customer. Weelko Barcelona S.L. only guarantees the quality of the upholstery finish made by the Manufacturer. Any variation made by the Distributor or the customer will be under their responsibility and the guarantee terms will not be applicable to anything that may arise from this modification.

* The special Sales conditions that may arise between the Manufacturer and Distributor, and in derogation of the General Sales Conditions stated above, will only modify the remarks or enlargements stated in the corresponding agreements. The other items in these Sales conditions will be applicable.
* The agreements that may arise between the Manufacturer and the Distributor which differ over these General Sales Conditions will be valid and binding only if they are in writing.
* These conditions will be governed and construed in accordance with the Spanish law. In case of any controversy, the Parties are submitted to the Jurisdiction and venue of the Courts of Berga (Barcelona).

* The colours on the catalogue must be considered as a guideline and non-contractual.
* The images of the products on the catalogue or website are strictly informative and in any case they are binding.
* Weelko Barcelona S.L. will be able to modify the Products in order to improve the design and operation with no obligation to previously communicate it.
* The Manufacturer suggests cleaning the upholstery according to the Spradling recommendations. Use only clean water and gentle soap with a white cloth. Pour some soap into clean water, soak the white cloth into it and wring it out before cleaning the upholstery. Wash it only in one way. Remove the excess soap with clear water.